Dear IBL Family

As you know, in our operational space, together with our passengers, we have been greatly challenged by the good rains we received in the first quarter of 2021. These rains assisted in replenishing dams and helped local farming communities but it placed pressure on the already limited infrastructure. North and South Trusts in Thaba Nchu, Motshabi in Bloemfontein as well as the J3 routes were the most affected by the rains. Our service in these areas were often interrupted and our passengers were adversely affected.

As we previously reported, our management teams are tirelessly trying to find workable solutions to some of the challenges posed by the rains and bad roads. We are excited to announce that our technical team decided to employ alternative vehicles that will have technical ability to withstand the bad conditions of the roads in the Northern and Southern areas of Thaba’Nchu. These vehicles will start operating from tomorrow onward.

The initiative of introducing the alternative 4 x 4 vehicles is yet another effort of improving our service to you, our valued customers. It pains us to see you suffer with breakdowns of our current vehicles which cannot withstand the bad roads, as well as having to stop operations during rainy days. As always, Interstate Bus Lines remains committed to rendering a safe, sustainable and professional service to our passengers.

Yarona. Kae kapa Kae we take you there.