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1. Any Personal Information (including opinions, views, preferences) shared on this group is done voluntarily.

2. Disclosed Personal Information is considered to have been made deliberately public.

3. Disclosed Personal Information may only be processed by the owner / custodian / administrator / or other members of this group, for lawful purposes specifically related to the primary purpose and / or activities of this group and / or of Interstate Bus Lines.

4. Personal Information disclosed on this group must be processed in accordance with all relevant company policies and the Protection for personal Information Act.

5. It is presumed that when you post the Personal Information of another person on the group, including of those that are not members of this group, consent was first obtained from them.

6. The owner(s) / custodian(s) / administrator(s) / member(s) of this group cannot be held liable for any consequences flowing from the disclosure of any Personal Information on the group.

7. Please respect the privacy of other group members and do not discuss the content of this group with anyone outside the group, unless so required operationally or alternatively with the consent of the owner(s) / custodian(s) / administrator(s) of the group.

8. Please do not share posts or screenshots from the group on other social media platforms.

9. If you deem content on the group to be defamatory or inappropriate, please explicitly disassociate yourself from the content by commenting on its inappropriateness and / or reporting such content immediately to the custodian(s) / owner(s) / administrator(s) of the group.

10. Ensure that pictures shared on the group are not automatically saved on your camera roll. You can ensure this by changing the settings in the group info tab.