Frequently Asked Questions

How many buses operate under Interstate Bus Lines?2018-07-07T06:36:20+02:00
  • IBL was founded in 1975 and started operations with 4 buses
  • Today, IBL operates 243 buses – including 12 sub-contractor buses
Who owns Interstate Bus Lines?2019-01-21T08:34:10+02:00

n 1975 the company was established as a family-owned business and has undergone a variety of transformations over the years. The latest was in 2006 when Broad-Based Black Economically Empowered (BBBEE) groupings bought a stake in the company.

In 2016 the company further concluded a historic deal when Imperial procured a controlling stake in the company. This is in line with the company’s strategic intent to pursue growth opportunities nationally and across the borders of South Africa. The transaction further positioned the company to yield economic benefits for its Broad Based Black Economically empowered shareholders. As the company grows, so will the economic stake of the BBBEE groupings. Imperial Logistics South Africa, with its impeccable operational record (with emphasis on safety, reliability and genuine economic empowerment), was seen as a good fit-for-purpose investor which positioned the company for the next level of operations.

Since its inception, the company has always believed in an inclusive approach when it comes to decision making. Thus, management control and inclusivity of historically excluded groups in the company’s management structure, is not a mere compliance, Employment Equity or BEE gesture. Since 2016 management and board control was at 50/50 representation. Currently, the Board of Directors reflects the national demographics.

We regard the new codes as the next phase in our transformation journey and we will continue to pursue and enhance all facets of empowerment – regardless of the BEE measurements. We believe that the process of economic transformation must continue rapidly in order to bring the majority of black South Africans into the mainstream economy.

We also believe in providing employment by giving meaningful economic participation and in the opportunity to share increasingly in the wealth creation resulting from economic activities.

We will therefore continue to accelerate transformation in an effort to not just raise the bar in meeting targets and achieving recognition in terms of the revised codes, but to entrench transformation within our organisational culture, enhance our commitment as a corporate citizen, and continue to lead the industry as a truly South African business.

What is the average age of the Interstate Bus Lines fleet?2018-07-07T06:32:15+02:00
  • The average age of our bus fleet is 6 years which is far below the industry norm for commuter type buses (currently 15 years).
  • We operate a combination of buses to suit all needs and requirements.
  • Our buses consist of a mix of 65- and 79- seater buses, as well as 114-seater train buses.
How many trips operate in a month?2018-07-07T06:29:55+02:00
  • IBL operates 33 000 trips per month.
  • A service level execution standard of 99.7% is maintained.
What can Interstate Bus Lines offer?2018-07-07T06:28:44+02:00
  • Reliable transport at affordable prices
  • Quality buses
  • Well-trained drivers
  • Flexible management team to meet your requirements
  • Passenger liability of R 50 million per incident
  • We are RTMS accredited

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