Link to new Trust detailed schedule (PDF) – Northern Trust

Link to new Trust detailed schedule (PDF) – Southern Trust

Maps to new Trust schedule (PDF)

Following recent service interruptions in our Thaba Nchu Trusts areas due to poor road conditions, we have undertaken the following actions to improve our service:

We acquired two tipper trucks that continuously source gravel and help repair roads in the area.
We also acquired a TLB which is primarily based in Thaba Nchu as support to the Tipper trucks.
We recently concluded our community, passenger and traditional leadership engagements process on the proposed intervention strategy.
We have redesigned the entire Trusts bus operations which include introduction of different type of buses and schedules.
As from 06 April 2021, we will operate a total new shift and route schedule for both South & North Trusts.

Our loyal passengers will have noticed that the old Sheer line buses were discontinued firstly to provide our passengers with modern buses and secondly because Sheer lines are no longer manufactured. However, the newer buses are not coping well with the deteriorating road conditions and the operating costs of these buses are ever increasing. It is for this reason that we will be piloting 4×4 all-terrain buses in the area.

1. The new schedule will see the introduction of a “feeder” service.
2. We will group some areas and use buses to collect passengers from the
grouped areas to a “transfer points” where they will find buses waiting for them.
3. The buses that will be stationed at the “transfer points” will only operate on the
main road from “transfer points” to Thaba Nchu and back to the “transfer points”
4. The 4×4 all-terrain buses will operate a manual gearbox, which we believe will
be better in keeping traction in wet conditions than the automatic buses we are
currently using.
5. The 4×4 all-terrain buses will ferry passengers to the “transfer points” only.
6. Two “transfer points” points have been identified for now (SEDITI school &
Kodisang cross)

The new schedules will be posted on Facebook and pamphlets will be distributed on Monday 29 March 2021 at the Thaba Nchu bus rank.