Effective from 01 August 2020 IBL will be running a new passenger SMS database. Passengers are requested to submit their cellphone numbers to our Helpdesk at Central Park. Even if you are getting SMSs from IBL you still need to resubmit your number otherwise you will not be part of our new sms system.

Ho tloha ka la pele Phato 2020 IBL e tla qala lenane le letjha la diSMS. Bapalami ba koptjwa ho fana ka dinomoro tsa bona tsa mohala Helpdesk, Central Park. Le ha eba ontso thola diSMS hotswa ho IBL, o koptjwa ho fana ka nomoro ya hao ya mohala hape, ntle le moo Mopalami ha ano thola diSMS hotswa ho IBL.