At Interstate Bus Lines we believe in stronger minds and bodies for our employees, in particular our drivers are expected to remain fit and healthy. This is due to the type of work that they do, carrying our valued passengers on a daily basis is a huge responsibility. To support and encourage the culture for employees to remain in good physical and mental health, the company offers free travel to its Bus Drivers to attend physical fitness at a local fitness centre. Nearly 50% of the membership fee is paid by the company on behalf of its employees. Employees are also encouraged to utilise their breaks to play sports. Through this encouragement the company boasts two full soccer teams. One team is based at our Head office and is mainly formed by employees from our Technical Workshop who enjoy their own mini soccer pitch at our Head Office. Our second soccer team is mainly formed by our Operational employees including Bus Drivers. Our female employees have also organised themselves into a newly formed Netball team. Recently the two teams travelled to Mafikeng and were hosted by our counterparts, Atemelang Bus Service. Though the purpose of the games were not necessarily to compete for glory, our Soccer team proved to be a force to be reckoned by winning two games. On the other hand, the newly formed Netball team found the going tougher against the hosts, losing two games, one by a very close margin.
IBL Management would like to extend our gratitude to the Atemelang Bus Service for the invitation and for hosting our employees.