At the start of every winter season our Technical Workshop switches on all bus heaters to keep our valued passengers warm. Often bus passengers mistake the operation of a bus heater to that of a smaller vehicle.

In our case as with most bus heaters across the industry, there are significant differences between small vehicle heaters and those found in a bus:
• All our bus heaters are only switched on by our Technical team and drivers cannot switch the heater on or off.
• Unlike in smaller vehicles, bus heaters do not have an electric fan to blow hot air into the bus cabin.
• Bus heaters rely only on hot water coming through from the bus engine for warmth. To warm the bus, hot water runs through water pipes that are connected from one heating element to the other as can be seen on the photo.
• The bus water-based heaters are all standard across all buses in the industry. In our case as can be seen on the photos, all our commuter buses use the same heating as found in our luxury coaches.
• For this water-based mechanism to work best, the engine must be at optimum operating temperature, but should the outside bus temperature be low, it will take longer for the water to be warm.

In the event that a passenger believes that the heater does not work, please provide us with a specific bus number, mobile number and we will recall the bus to the workshop and test to ensure that the heater works well. All these efforts are in place to ensure that we provide our valued passengers with quality service.