We are proud to announce that Interstate Bus Lines received RTMS (Road Transport Management System) accreditation on the 7th of December 2015, the first company in the Free State to receive this status.

What is RTMS?
Supported by the Department of Transport, RTMS is an industry-led, voluntary self-regulation scheme that encourages transport operators to implement a vehicle management system that preserves road infrastructure, improves road-safety and insures well trained drivers.

Road infrastructure may deteriorate rapidly due to overloading and poor maintenance, furthermore the number of accidents attributed to buses are unacceptable. Hence both road safety and road infrastructure are public concerns subject to strict regulation by government, particularly when abused.

Hard work by all departments where necessary to achieve RTMS accreditation, and a thorough audit was done wherewith key issues was identified that needed to be addressed before a final audit gave way towards accreditation. It may be said that besides obtaining RTMS accreditation, maintaining the high standards in terms of the accreditation may be considered an important responsibility and that failure may lead to the accreditation being revoked. This means that our fleet of vehicles must be in a perfect condition at all times, and also that our drivers must be trained properly and adhere to the traffic rules.

We would like to thank all IBL employees for their contribution and support. We encourage each employee to maintain our high standards.