As a company in existence for over 40 years, Interstate Bus Lines has traded on the well-known brand colours of white, orange and turquoise for well over 24 years.

In keeping with our core value of flexibility, our livery also needed to adapt to the changing environment and the younger generation of employees, customers and stakeholders. The new livery and colours, grey/silver, blue and orange, was identified as the preferred new look for the new IBL, through public and employee voting.

The change to the new colours will take place gradually, as a bus will be transformed into the new colours during its scheduled refurbishment. All buses, regardless of the livery, are however constantly maintained to the highest quality.

The fleet is therefore currently displaying a mix of the old and the new, with small distinctions between normal commuter (white or grey livery) and preferred private hire (silver or gold) buses.

What does the new livery symbolise?

The grey/silver – represents our timeless passion of connecting people with their dreams and record of safety.

The blue – represents our standing of being accepted and a sense of ownership (Ya Rona – Ours – Ons s’n) that all our employees and our stakeholders have in our brand as a result of the over 40 years of operational stability.

The orange – represents the good value we have within the public transport space and our sense of Passion in what we do to deliver a vibrant, good quality, safe and affordable public transport in an economically sustainable manner.