Many different people work behind the scenes to help a company like Interstate Bus Lines (IBL) to run successfully. One of these groups of people, are our Regulators. Regulators play a critical role at IBL. In short, they:

  • Ensure that all buses operate according to the scheduled time;
  • Record bus fleet number, alternative bus or shift number, quantity of passengers and actual departure times;
  • Ensure that all defects are reported;
  • Report on incidents and complaints; and
  • Ensure that buses are parked properly at the pick-up points.

We would like to say “thank you” to all IBL Regulators for your outstanding work.

Meet our IBL Regulators:


Thabo Michael Moepi 6598 – Regulator

Regulator Thabo stays in Botshabelo with his family. He wakes up at 03h00 every morning and travels by bus to work. He spends most of his time off from work with family and is an avid Mamelodi Sundowns supporter. He is also an active member of SANCO. He enjoys driving buses onto the platforms at Central Park. He says his job gives him an amazing adrenalin rush. Thank you Thabo!


Kedibone Niewenhuis 6282 – Regulator

Kedibone she stays in Bloemfontein and is a proud mother of four kids, aged 17, 16, 13 and 9. She too wakes up at 03h00 every morning to be at work. She enjoys cleaning her home and shopping. When she is off duty over weekends she relaxes with friends listening to jazz music. She has been with IBL for 12 years. We appreciate your hard work Kedibone!


Mbongeni Nyanda 7449 – Regulator

Mbongeni, one of our recent success stories, stays in Botshabela. He started working for IBL as a security guard and worked himself up to where he is now. When he leaves home in the morning to be with us, he leaves his wife and their beautiful 6-year-old daughter. His face lights up when he talks about his daughter. When he knocks off from his morning shift, he goes to the gym. We are proud of what you have achieved broer!


Tidimalo Ramagaga 6175 – Regulator

Tidimalo stays in Thaba Nchu and mostly wakes up at 02h30 to be at work. He enjoys socializing with passengers. He says the “bus life” is all he knows, that shows how much engaged he is with his job. We are proud to have known him for the past 15 years. He is a proud father of four kids and spends his time playing soccer and visiting his parents and spending time with his kids. He says he enjoys the morning rush at Central Park. Tidimalo we salute you!


Thato Motse 5921 – Senior Regulator

Thato stays in Bloemfontein and also wakes up at 03h00, he has been with us for 16 years. Every morning he leaves his wife, his 17 year old son and a 14 year old grade 10 child. Away from work, you will find him in his garden. We appreciate your contribution Ntate Motse!


Ben Leswetsa 7245 – Regulator

Ben stays in Botshabelo with his wife and two kids and every morning at 03h30, he prepares to leave his family to be with us. His children are his priority and spends all his free time with them. Him and his family are our passengers too. Thank you for traveling with us each morning.



Monne Rantsatsi 7072 – Regulator

Monne stays in Botshabelo with his mom, sister and two nephews. He too wakes up at 03h00 and travels on our buses to come to work. He is extremely excited about his new hobby, hunting. He plans on getting professional training as a hunter. He travels far and wide with his friends hunting animals at night. Well done broer and enjoy nature!


Ben Nyaphuli – Traffic Superintendent

Ben Nyaphuli is a Traffic Superintendent and is a seasoned Interstate Bus Lines employee with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He stays with his wife and two beautiful daughters, one studying to become a Chartered Accountant and one persuing her qualification in Education. Ntate Nyaphuli spends his time off with family at their home in Bloemfontein.


Thabo Lephoto – Regulator

Mr Lephoto stays in Bloemfontein and has been with us for 15 years. He enjoys quality time off work with his wife and kids and working on his car. He has a 6-month old baby girl that he adores. Much like other early birds, he is up by 04h00 each morning and he too prefers to travel by bus to work.


Nicodimus Motlhatlhedi – Regulator

We would like to introduce you to Ntate Nicodimus Motlhatlhedi, he is based at Central Park and comes from Thaba Nchu. Each morning at 04h00 he leaves his wife and kids at home to be with us. He says he enjoys farming and during his time away from work, you are likely to find him back at home in Thaba Nchu. He says he would like to have more cattle than what he owns now. We wish him all the best with his farming and we are greatful to have him on board.