Sthiba you are the first to be heard, please attend the meetings, add your voice and give the Passenger Representatives your mandate. Meeting will be at Emang Primary School in Thaba Nchu


Route No 1


Bus will start at circle near the railway pass, via Pooe to Mapetsana, Rooifontein, Motlatla, from Motlatla turn left at Phetogane up to Meje and turn right to Emang Primary School at Zone 2.


Route No 2

Reverse the rout starting at the last stop of Ratau via route through Morolong, enter the depot to collect Trust passengers, leave the depot and turn right to Dinkung via Pitso, turn right at Vlenter towards Mabilo direction pass Anglican, Civic Centre and turn right to Emang Primary school.


Route No 3

Starting point is at first entrance of Kopie turn right and operate on normal route side of the dam around location and when it reach pavement turn left towards Selosesha and left at stadium, operating normal route until Fire and turn right at Fire to Lutere and turn left at Lutere via Wolf and turn left towards Thekisho and direct to Emang Primary school via Sakanyoka.


Route No 4

Makurung, Zone 4, Zone 3, Zone 2 and 5 to Emang Primary school. We will also arrange for Zone 1 passengers.



Trusts will operate as normal but will be free on the first trip up to TNC and the passengers going to the meeting will be picked up at the depot. They will also ride for free on the 13h30 buses back home. All other trips after these will be charged normal.


All buses will depart at 09h00 from the starting points except for Trusts and the meeting will start at 10h00.