Greetings to our valued stakeholders, our passengers.
It gives me a great pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Kahlolo John Nketsi and I was born and raised in Botshabelo. I am a father of three children and a husband to my beautiful wife.
Currently I am working as a Passenger Liaison Officer (PLO) at Interstate Bus Lines. My journey started at IBL as a Public Relations intern in 2017 and I was appointed as Passenger Liaison Officer in November 2018.
IBL has entrusted me with this massive task of working hand in hand with our passengers, which I believe are the most important stakeholders of the company. I have been working at Helpdesk, Central Park for a year, and in this period, I have managed to get to know passengers better, some has even become my friends.
In the last 18 to 24 months IBL has been trying to create platforms to improve its relationship with passengers and I am glad to be part of that change.
Among these were the IBL Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. These platforms were created to make IBL more accessible to our valued stakeholders. To emphasize the intimacy within this stakeholder relationship, the Passenger Liaison Office was also opened at Central Park for passengers to engage, submit their complaints, concerns and complements.
Along this journey we have realized that there is load of things about IBL services that our passengers were never aware of. Through our “Did You Know” posts on our IBL social media pages, we educate and inform our passengers of facts that they did not know about IBL. We also intend to use this PLO Corner on Mopalami to carry on that task.
As part of our mandate to create easy access to the company, passengers are often invited via the company’s Facebook page for a “behind the scenes” brief walk through our head office facility. Some of our passengers have already used this opportunity and their feedback suggest that they have gained better understanding of the IBL culture and our way of doing things. This opportunity to visit the IBL workshop and our head office is open for every passenger, although visits will have to be scheduled in advance.