MAM Travel and Tours, a subcontractor with Interstate Bus Lines (IBL), has emerged as a prominent player in the transportation industry. With a fleet of 15 buses serving South Africa and neighbouring countries, they have gained a reputation for reliability. Led by Ms Magauta Sephoko, the Managing Director, the company embraces uniqueness and aims to fulfill its purpose while serving the community. Acknowledging IBL’s support, MAM Travel and Tours focuses on transportation services, employment opportunities and community projects. They generously contribute to the community through donations, sponsorships and funding motivational talks. Magauta, a resilient businesswoman, also founded a women’s forum called Mosadi Ke Gauta to empower young girls and share her life experiences. Magauta sees herself as a leader and servant, prioritising her responsibilities to God, family, staff, clients and society. She remains dedicated to personal growth and aims to touch more lives. Grateful for her committed staff and supportive clients, she emphasises the importance of believing in their services and enabling continuous improvement. Magauta’s journey inspires others to find fulfillment in their calling, rather than seeking external validation. She encourages everyone to pursue their dreams and embrace their unique paths to success.