At this stage IBL only sells new tags at our main ticketing facility at Central Park. This is mainly due to the fact that it is the only facility with sufficient technical capacity needed to register new tags.

We encourage our passengers not to rent tags from other passengers. In a previous publication we advised against using other passenger’s tags for security reasons.

In the event that a passenger wishes to use someone else’s tag, that passenger must submit the following documents in order for us to re-register the tag on his/her name:

  1. A certified copy of his/her ID document
  2. A certified copy of the Tag owner’s ID document
  3. An affidavit confirming the changeover of tags.

Passengers are also reminded that our Help Desk is not allowed to service clients who uses other passenger’s tags.


Passenger Transfer

An added benefit of a tag is that it allows for transfers. Assuming that a passenger is travelling from Botshabelo to Central Park and wants to proceed to Langenhoven Park, upon arrival at Central Park, the passenger can simple board a bus to Langenhoven Park and just tag on that bus for a free ride to his final destination. Whereas a cash paying passenger will be required to pay every time he uses boards a bus.