Bloemfontein, 25 March 2020 at 18h:15 Interstate Bus Lines (IBL) released a statement following exemption granted by Minister Mbalula, that it will ONLY operate a minimal service in support of the passengers performing essential services.  Passengers using the “Essential Bus Service” will be expected to comply with the following:

  • Letter from employer confirming that the passenger is an Essential Services worker. Workers can download the official letter to be used from IBL’s website (letter for stores to use) as well as the one-page bus schedule (5000 Series timetable).
  • The passenger will be required to be in official uniform.
  • Essential service passengers will be expected to maintain social distancing inside the buses. As such the Essential Services buses will only load up to normal seated capacity with no overloading or standing passengers inside the bus.

Due to the abnormal nature of the service, Interstate Bus Lines will only operate the morning and evening shifts to collect and ferry passengers home, as well as dedicated contracted services for companies that offer essential services. The company will rely heavily on co-operation of all our Essential Services passengers to be alert and comply with personal hygiene regimes as prescribed by health officials and government. We will also endeavour to maintain high levels of hygiene inside the buses. We would like to emphasise the individual responsibility for personal hygiene. To this end, no eating, no drinking, using snuff, drinking alcohol or littering in any of the Essential Service buses.

Interstate Bus Lines commits to supplying additional information by working closely with the media and the public. Please direct any information or questions that you might have to IBL’s Stakeholder Relations Manager, Vuyo Ondala on 051-4087016,,, or whatsapp line 083 2977 989 & sms via 30606