Farewell to the sensational Oom Kenny, the charismatic genius behind IBL’s bus schedule for 27 colourful years! With his expertise, our buses were always buzzing. Now, step into “The Legend’s” shoes for a thrilling timed trip. From Thaba Nchu Trusts, we’ll zip to Thaba Nchu town. Along the way, we’ll stop at Central Park on the N8, then journey to Mafora. After Mafora, we’ll swing back to Central Park and head to Fauna for a pit stop at the IBL Head office. Plus, we’ll add a school trip and end up in Heidedal.

But here’s the twist: imagine coordinating nearly 240 buses across multiple locations, operating over 1600 trips daily and carrying 25,000 passengers during peak times. It’s mind-boggling! Oom Kenny’s retirement leaves behind a well-trained scheduling team to carry on the legacy. Enjoy your retirement, Oom Kenny! You’ve earned it.