Our amazing Operations Admin Staff had a genius plan to surprise Mr. Christo Du Plessis on his big day! They gifted him a bundle of symbolic treasures: a hat, a blanket and a wooden stick. Let’s dive into the fascinating meanings behind these extraordinary presents:

HAT-MODIANYEWE: Unleash the Heritage and Status! Modianyewe, the symbol of eloquent judgment in court. Just like the wise older men, Christo now holds the power to execute his wisdom and make fair decisions.

BLANKET- SEANA MARENA: Wrap Yourself in Royalty! The Chief’s Blanket, the epitome of Basotho elegance and status. With its pin stripes, it represents growth, while the corncob patterns symbolise fertility and wealth. Christo, may you thrive and prosper in every way!

MOLAMU – WOODEN STICK: Authority and Justice Unleashed! This mighty wooden stick stands for power, ready to separate friends from foes and rectify social injustices. Christo, you now wield the Molamu, an emblem of strength and a guardian of fairness.