The Company also took to older audiences through what the company’s CEO, Mr. George Mokgothu, refers to “hop in and out the bus”. Each Monday morning, the company’s senior Management team, led by its Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Christo Du Plessis, visit the main bus terminus in Bloemfontein to interact with nearly 30 000 passengers per peak per day. These passengers are collected from outlying areas, some as far as nearly 60 kilometres outside Bloemfontein to Central Park, the bus terminus. At Central Park the passengers are then distributed to the city and surrounding suburbs and other areas. During their visits to Central Park, the company observed that as part of the daily morning commute to Central Park, passengers’ group themselves in buses as different religious denominations. While inside these buses, passengers break out into song and praise as they travel to their destinations, but in the midst of all of that singing, some passengers bang their hands against the bus windows to create a rhythmic sound.

As innocent as this practice may be, it poses a danger to the passengers as well as it weakens the bus window structure, which if it were to be left unmanaged, could lead to bus windows falling out on other motorists. The company’s CEO engaged the services of Anchor of Hope, an NPO working closely with the company, to produce a palm size “rhythm pillow”. The CEO, the Stakeholder Relations Manager and the company’s Route Controller visited some of the buses and distributed these rhythm pillows to the delight of the unsuspecting passengers. The rhythm pillows fit nicely in their handbags or backpacks, and can be used as a type of hand-drum while singing.