Dear Mopalami

We have noticed that most of our morning shifts arrive behind schedule at Central Park. This is as a result of many factors such as traffic congestion, road conditions, traffic lights not working, all which are mostly outside our control. Most of these delays occur on route to Central Park starting from Aljoes until MacKenzie street.

Loading at all bus stops

Following complaints that some of our drivers leave passengers on the route, we discovered that often other passengers inside the bus would shout at the driver not to stop in other bus stops. This meant that the bus had fewer bus stops and would arrive earlier in town earlier but at the expense of other paying passengers.

We have issued new instructions to the drivers to load at all bus stops. Disciplinary action is taken against drivers that fails to load passengers.

Road works

Other major contributing factors resulting in more delays are road works, reduced lanes and other road upgrades currently underway on major routes around Mangaung in particular to Bergman, Batho and other routes going into the city.


We wish to assure all our passengers that we are doing our best to eliminate these delays as they have a negative effect on our valued passengers. Regrettably, some of our passengers have reported to have faced disciplinary action from their employers for reporting late for work. To remedy the situation, we have undertaken the following:

  1. We are engaging the Road Traffic Authorities to assist with traffic controls at major intersections to alleviate the congestion.
  2. We have addressed communication to the Department of Police, Roads and Transport to assist and have been assured of their support.
  3. We are currently rescheduling some shifts and trips to depart earlier from our starting points
  4. We are also investigating means of assisting the Traffic Authorities with traffic flow through our Corporate Social Investment initiatives.
  5. We have already begun engaging various employers around the City informing them of the delays and the contingency plans we are putting in place to reduce the impact.
  6. We have also called an urgent meeting with our Passenger Representatives to assist in addressing the challenge to our valued passengers.

We will continue to update the community and most importantly our passengers of shifts that have been rescheduled to operate earlier than normal.

We have confidence in the plans we have put in place and that with the cooperation of all stakeholders we hope to soon turn the situation around. However, we appeal for your patience during this period as we seek a solution.


Office of the CEO

IBL Yarona