On 06 March 2020, Sam Mokhothu a colourful CUT student and a social butterfly, boarded one of our buses after a long day at CUT, heading home to Botshabelo. As expected of Sam, immediately upon securing his bus seat, he was on social media for the latest news. Sitting next to him was Thembeka Nikelo. It didn’t take long before Thembeka broke into a song “Jehova o lefika la ka”which got other passengers into a gospel session, that lasted the entire journey. Sam captured the spur-of-the-moment session which went viral on Facebook with nearly 400 000 views, and a star was born. Thembeka’s singing immediately got noticed by many, and she is now popularly known as “the IBL singing passenger”. Neither Thembeka nor Sam had any idea of the impact the video would have on our passengers and Facebook users.

Tshepo Moseki Tshepo commented: “That was the song my mom sang on her dying bed, not knowing she was sick”.

Morokoe Chueu commented: “If that’s your girl my guy, just marry her. You are blessed”.

Matlale Motshweneng commented: “She literally gives me goosebumps”.

Looking back to that time, it is as if Gorata Caite Stinv knew that the world was about to be hit by Covid. He commented “God please restore these memories into our future so that we praise you my Lord, bless your vessel”.

Following that video, Thembeka went on to sing at many events and continues to grow as an artist. As IBL we are delighted to have met this young promising artist and we are grateful to Sam for being there at the right time to capture the moving song of praise. For bookings and events please contact Thembeka on the following contact numbers: Thembeka’s Manager: 0739996178; Thembeka: 0849725290