2021 started off with beautiful rains across the IBL country and provided relief to farmers in the area. The beauty of the rain also brought massive disruptions to our service and left a number of bus commuters stranded.

Thaba Nchu trusts, Motshabi in Bloemfontein and J3 in Botshabelo were among those areas most affected by rains due to some roads and bridges that got washed away. Our teams were all out rebuilding roads to connect our communities and to ensure that when schools opened in January, there were less disruptions to the schooling system.

IBL Management introduced two Tipper trucks to assist in repairing washed away roads. A number of Thaba Nchu community members also joined hands in doing their bit to rebuild roads.

Our current bus fleet operates an automatic gearbox as opposed to the previous old buses that were all manually shifted. This proved to be problematic as the buses struggled with traction on muddy roads. Fortunately our technical team is investigating other support vehicles that will cope better with the muddy terrain.