1. Who is Patrick Rasedimo?
Patrick Rasedimo was born 13 July 1982 in Thaba Nchu. He is the only child who says ‘I’m just a simple wheelchair bond guy who loves sports with all my heart’. He adds that “sport is not just a game, it is a way of life” and he is multi-talented, loves challenges and to help other people where he can. Patrick also says his disability never stops him from doing whatever he wants. He always tells himself that “the only disability in life is a bad Attitude” and “It’s not our Disabilities; it’s our Ability that counts”.

2. What attracted / inspired you to this amazing sport?
I started playing sport in 2002 I was using a normal wheelchair when I started with wheelchair racing. At that time, I was just racing for fun at the Botshabelo Stadium and in Bloemfontein, and I always got first position and would get small prices like hampers, electrical appliances, bags, etc. As time went on it grew in me and I never wanted to stop racing. There were times that I skipped my exams just to go race. In 2007 I competed for the first time at National Level and I got third position which was Bronze. I decided to train even harder than before for myself and the people who believed in me. Since 2009 until 2015 I got first position, meaning I held the National Record for the Free State for seven years. In 2015 I went to the World Cup were South Africa got third position out of 25. I love what I am doing.

3. Have you ever felt like you want to quit? If yes, why?
No, because my intention was not to go into sports for fame or money it was for the love of the game. This sport I’m doing is not just a game, to me it is a way of life. Getting sponsors is very difficult but Interstate Bus Lines has always been there for me even though I don’t represent them, but still they assist me. They are the one company who made me who I am today to be a South African Para-Cycling Hero. I am proud to say that I am the only Black Male out of 25 Athletes in the National Team.

4. What has been your best/worst experiencing during a race?
There are two I remember, 2015 at the World Cup was extremely tough because I was competing against the best in the World. As tough as it was I proved to myself and to the world that I am also the best. In 2017 in Willington I ran 70km’s in 2:47:11, it was a very hot day at about 40 degrees and I just kept on pushing myself.

5. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Becoming an ambassador for Para-Cycling and also to introduce Para-Cycling to young people more especially to rural areas because in Free State I’m the only guy doing Para-Cycling. We must stop depending on Government to give us handouts because not even a disability grant is enough, we need to stand up and do things for ourselves.

I want to thank Interstate Bus Line for making me who I’m today if it was not for them I might have ended on the wrong side of the world.

They have always been there for me, from Province to the National competitions even though they never get any publicity.

Interstate Bus Line made my dream come true and I also want to thank other sponsors for their contribution.

All in all, this is my achievement from 2007 till now they are more of them.

“Thank you Interstate Bus Lines for trusting me with your funds. I will continue to bring gold” – Patrick Rasedimo