Exciting news! Bus 4012 is getting its final touches at our Bus Body Building shop. The new bus for Thaba’Nchu was a “bus train” that was shortened as part of IBL’s bus renewal programme.

We are very proud of the work done by our Bus Body Building Section of our Technical Workshop.

They replaced and painted all the body panels, fitted a brand-new floor, seats and renewed the heater elements amongst others!

Bus 4012 will join the Thaba Nchu fleet as part of IBL’s programme of removing all older buses, in particular those operating in the Thaba Nchu area.

This bus comes with the innovative “kneeling” feature as can be seen on the photos. At a touch of a button, the bus kneels closer to the ground to allow for easy access into the bus.

With the new floors, our Technical team aims to reduce dust inside the bus for a more comfortable journey for our valued passengers.

Bus 4012 will be joining Bus 4010 that started operations in Thaba Nchu two weeks ago.

Bus 4013 also left the Bus Body Building Section for Thaba Nchu on Monday last week.

We would love to see a photo of you inside one of these buses! Share the photo in the comment section or tag IBL as part of welcoming the new buses to the fleet. Thank you to our workers at the Bus Body Building!