Natalie Meyer: Cashier – I work as a cashier at IBL and have direct contact with our customers. My responsibilities include the loading of tags, loading single trips and assisting with the issuing of new tags. Through my customer service, I believe I am representing IBL. We strive to provide a service that is both quick and efficient, ensuring that our customers’ tags are always correctly loaded. I believe that IBL strives to meet the needs of our valued commuters by loading their tags, implementing fair increases, and transporting them on time.

Christelle van der Westhuizen: Helpdesk Administrator – As the Helpdesk Administrator, I am in constant communication with the customers from Monday to Friday. Emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, and calling the landline number are all ways to contact IBL; however, not all passengers have access to these, which is where I believe my work helps our customers. My responsibilities include explaining the pricing of a new tag, the various routes that can be loaded, the time schedules of our buses, and the distribution of flyers with new information. Every time I give a price list to a new customer, they are surprised to see how low a monthly tag costs in comparison to what they spend on a taxi. We used to only accept cash for your trips, but now you can use a bank card. IBL currently operates four ticket offices. In addition, we have a mobile office (IBL kombi). Don’t forget about our two Spar supermarkets, as well as Aljos, LHP, and Boxer supermarkets in Twin City, Central Park and Bloem Plaza. There are a total of 10 sales points where our customers can load their tags. Don’t forget about our dedicated employees who keep our operations running smoothly. Our workshop team, our admin staff, regulators, point controllers ensuring buses stay on schedule, our cashier and drivers, and, of course, our CEO and COO making the important decisions to move forward.

Dibuo Setlogelo: Cashier – Our customers typically convey their desired preferences for specific ways in which we can meet their needs, such as fair prices, good service, and feeling valued. A good way to look at our service is to believe that our passengers do not necessarily rely on our transportation services, but rather that we rely on them to exist in order to build long-term relationships with our passengers and grow together. We have 4 depots where customers can purchase tickets: Botshabelo, Thaba ‘Nchu, Central Park, and Botshabelo Mall. The prices are actually reasonable for the trips they load – we have single trips for which we offer a lower price (off-peak) from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., then we have group trips.

Sophy Kolobe: Operations Administrator – I contribute to IBL by giving excellent service to our commuters. I have to ensure that buses are scheduled at the appropriate times and destinations to meet the needs of the customers. Our customers expect to arrive at their destination on time, in clean buses, and with a positive attitude from our bus drivers, point controllers, and cashiers. Excellent customer service and buses that are well maintained and serviced are core to our operation. The IBL team cares deeply about the community because it produces future local and international sports stars from the dusty streets of Mangaung. IBL changes people’s lives and donates money to the poor. IBL is constantly thinking of ways to improve customer service and keep current customers happy – the safety and well-being of their customers come first.

John Nketsi: Passenger Liaison Officer – As a Passenger Liaison Officer at IBL, my job is to ensure that passengers have a positive and smooth travel experience. Relationships with people are extremely important to us. It can either make or break a company. IBL’s lifeblood is its passengers. As a result, customer service is extremely important to us at IBL. With CSI, we focus on the community and support community projects in our operational areas. We distinguish ourselves as a low-cost, safe and dependable public transportation provider.

Simon Lebotho: Route Controller – We provide value to our passengers – we provide dependable services to our commuters on a daily basis. We provide relevant information to our commuters ahead of time. Building trust is also important. At Central Park, various Malls and Retail Stores, and Mobile Taxi, we sell our product (tags and smart cards for single trips). Our customers have complete access to most areas in the suburbs, Central Park, Hoffman Square, industrial areas, and residential (townships surrounding Mangaung). Our front-line employees (drivers, cashiers, regulators, and point controllers) are the face of our company.

AT Ramathebane: Mentee – Operations – I make certain that everything I do or say promotes the company, whether it is to internal or external customers. IBL’s existence is dependent on the consumers who use our transportation services. Because of our long history, we have developed long-term relationships with our commuters. We operate on routes that are mostly in rural areas, so the company spends more money on bus maintenance. The deteriorating conditions of the routes we operate on may force us to reduce the number of routes we operate. Over the years, IBL has managed to make their customers pay far less than they would if they used a different transportation service, and we have managed to build trust with our customers by giving back to communities, such as sponsoring grassroots soccer development and so on.

Margaret Mosetlhe: Cashier – Every day, I serve passengers as an IBL cashier. I understand that our passengers require these tags and that they want to be offered a good seat on the bus. After tapping the tag onto the machine, our passengers are given a free transfer to take the bus again. The client is very important to us as cashiers, the mechanics must inspect and repair the buses, the dispatchers ensure that the drivers work the correct shifts and leave the depot on time, and the regulators ensure that the bus leaves on time and arrives at its destination.