In 2004, Lesedi Educare took over the Early Childhood Development responsibilities of Interstate Bus Lines. A partnership started that was to last many years and benefit thousands of children in the Mangaung Metro area.
Lesedi Educare now has two Interstate Bus Lines branded buses equipped as playgroups that operate in the Mangaung Metro, each seeing up to 200 children per week in informal settlements around the city.

The Come-and-Play Buses, through the generous support of IBL are a happy place for children aged between 2 to 5 years. It is on these buses that our children can be children for a short time, learn, be stimulated, be loved and enjoy the books, toys, crafts, games and nutritious snacks that they get.
The buses play a vital role in the lives of all these families, not only providing Early Childhood Development for those that have no access to any learning opportunities, but also as a support network for parents – a place to belong to.

Our qualified facilitators stimulate the children with story time, outside play, crafts, reading, theme lessons, fantasy play time and love. The children are learning while having fun and because of this – they are receiving the important foundation for Grade R and the rest of their lives. Parents receive parenting workshops, on how to be better parents, parenting skills, nutrition, discipline, health and welfare of their children, and above all a place to feel at home in.
IBL has been with Lesedi all the way, a vital link in the chain to helping children reach their potential and get a head start!

Thank you, IBL, for the continuous support, encouragement, on the ground assistance and valued relationship.

We look forward to many more years and many more happy, stimulated children!

Lesedi Educare