Interstate Bus Lines Begins Countdown to 50th Anniversary with Exciting Kick-Off Event

Bloemfontein, South Africa – On Friday 28 June 2024, Interstate Bus Lines (IBL), a cornerstone of South Africa’s public transportation sector, officially launched its 50th-anniversary celebrations with an exciting event at the Urth Conference & Lifestyle Centre in Bloemfontein. This event marks the beginning of a year-long celebration leading up to the milestone anniversary in 2025.

Event Highlights:

Presentation of IBL history: Reflecting on a rich legacy that began in 1975, IBL took the attendees on a journey through its memorable history, highlighting significant milestones and the evolution of its services.

State of operations address: IBL leadership provided a detailed overview of IBL’s current operational status, including an open discussion of the infrastructure challenges confronting the organisation, such as aging facilities and fleet and the strategic efforts underway to address these issues and ensure consistent service delivery.

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives: The event highlighted IBL’s extensive CSI initiatives aimed at uplifting local communities, promoting education and supporting sustainable development.

Unveiling of a new 50th-anniversary logo: In honour of this historic anniversary, IBL unveiled a new 50th-anniversary logo that represents a forward-thinking vision and a constant drive to innovate and improve passenger experiences.

The event marked the beginning of a yearlong series of commemorative activities and special events aimed at engaging and giving back to the community.

About Interstate Bus Lines: Interstate Bus Lines was established in 1975 and has since grown to become a key player in the South African transportation industry. With a mission to provide safe, reliable and affordable bus services, IBL operates a vast network that serves thousands of passengers annually. For more information about IBL and its services, visit