Driver Of The Year (DOTY) Provincial Competition was held on 14/10/2017 at Lengau Testing Centre in Bloemfontein. The following bus companies participated; IBL, Maluti Bus Services and Mega Bus. The number of participants were as follows; 24 bus drivers, 11 males and 13 females. The aim of the Driver OF The Year competition is to sharpen the driving skills of our drivers in each bus company, to promote and encourage safe driving on the roads. It was a great competition and most of the drivers portrayed excellent driving skills especially drivers from Interstate Bus Lines. We thank all the participants and congratulate all drivers who won in this competition.

The winners were the following:

Male category: 
3rd Position was Mega Bus Driver
2nd Position IBL Mr. F. Stina
1st Position was Maluti Bus Service Driver.

Female Category:
3rd Position was IBL Mrs. N. Mahloko
2nd Position was IBL Mrs. V. Mosese
1st Position was IBL Mrs. N. Mohai