Since we are in the business of transporting humans to and from their loved ones, the safety of our passengers is one of the many critical issues taken into consideration when it comes to acquiring new vehicles and maintaining our current fleet.

From as early as 1995, all new vehicles ordered had to comply with the latest homologation and rollover specifications. This entail that, should one of our buses be involved in an accident and roll over onto its roof, the roof structure will not collapse and the passenger seats will remain intact.

Furthermore, the bodywork of all our vehicles presently and all equipment and accessories relative thereto, conform to the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Ordinance and Regulations and any other Ordinance and Regulation published and in force at this point in time.

All the critical parts and equipment related to safety, such as all the lights, glass, mirrors, retro-reflective chevron warning signs, retro-reflective warning tape, ball couplings and more, comply with all the various SABS specifications.

The vehicle panel workshop in our technical department have received SABS accreditation in 2003 with reference to the building of motor vehicles. This mean that we are registered as a Manufacturer / Importer / Builder of Motor Vehicles according to the National Road Traffic Act of 1996.

Our technical department pay particular attention to safety and our fleet are maintained in a mint condition by a team qualified artisans.

We are therefore proud to announce that the safety of our passengers enjoys the highest priority when work is carried out on the buses.