Introducing Anchor of Hope, the rockstar Non-Profit Organisation based in Bloemfontein! These incredible folks aren’t just your average do-gooders. They’ve been turning heads and making waves with their awesome initiatives. From mowing lawns and sprucing up streets, parks, and roads, to taking charge of cleaning duties at the Braam Fischer Airport, they’re unstoppable!

They’ve also pioneered the development of revolutionary washable sanitary towels, because why settle for anything less than extraordinary? And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, they’re running a Teenage Pregnancy Centre, guiding and supporting young moms through their journeys.

Oh, and let’s not forget their remarkable transformation of the Men’s Shelter in Hilton. They’ve turned it into a place of hope and warmth for those in need. Talk about making a difference! But here’s the cherry on top: through their initiatives, Anchor of Hope has created employment opportunities for survivors of Gender Based Violence, empowering them to rise above their circumstances and build a brighter future.

Last year, they proved their mettle by fielding an unstoppable team that won the inaugural golf tournament. This year, it was a given that they would take on fierce competitors like African Mining and Crushing Ellenberger, Kahts, Iclix, Liquor Runners, Raubex Construction, and Tyremart. The stakes were high, but alas, they couldn’t defend their title. Still, every moment on the field was for a greater cause – charity!

Anchor of Hope: where compassion meets action, and where making the world a better place becomes an extraordinary adventure. Join the movement and be a part of their incredible journey!