IBL has been affordable and reliable since I was seven years old. It was then called Jacaranda. Our most most memorable school trip was one to Durban with ntate Shishi.
My parents, particularly my aunties, relied on the 4 a.m. bus in and we would accompany them to bus stop.

Let’s fast forward. I used to rely on the same transport to attend classes in Bloemfontein from Sthiba. With hundreds others and neighbours using IBL as transport, it was affordable and that made cost of living very easy. I also used IBL transport for work from Sthiba to QwaQwa, where I’d get my link to KZN and it was very reliable, saving me R50 from one trip that I used for my KZN link.

My child from the age of 10, had used the same system to come visit during school holidays because the bus drivers were very super caring and loving, up until he finished varsity. We were very hurt and disappointed when the route was no longer operational one day as I was preparing to come over to Sthiba for the holidays. I even called a senior member of staff to express my frustration, but sadly, there was nothing he could do.

I can confidently say now that with the improved and cosy bus/coaches IBL, the Thaba Nchu community, in particular, are very privileged and they must continue to use and enjoy for IBL is simply the best! By the way, I still enjoy a ride from Sthiba to Bloemfontein because luckily most of the time I am comfortably, unlike in any other mode of transport.

Happy half a century to IBL! May you grow from strength to strength!