The commuter bus operation landscape continues to grow through technological developments that have shaped and changed the manner in which we conduct our business. In the olden days, when boarding a bus, passengers paid with cash, but these days with the introduction of technology, passengers need not carry any cash with them as there are now various methods of paying for their journey. In the old days manually operated setright ticket machines were used, but now thanks to technological innovations, much more user-friendly ticketing systems have been introduced. These offer much more flexibility for the passengers as well as improved security benefits for all users including bus companies.

With the introduction of the contract and tendered commuter bus services, there was a need to monitor the service provided by contracted bus companies. This gave birth to Service Monitoring companies that we see monitoring our operations on a daily basis at Central Park and across our operational area. These companies are mainly responsible for ensuring that Bus Operators comply with the provisions of their contract with the Department of Transport. However, the responsibility of monitoring the service does not end with the Monitoring Companies but is also a shared responsibility of the Bus Operators to ensure that they run the service as contracted.

To remain competitive, to offer a safer service, value to passengers and to be able to be accountable, more and more bus operators have begun looking for solutions from technology. Interstate Bus Lines as a leading commuter service also engaged various service providers to assist in improving its service offering. Today, all IBL buses have been fitted with a tracking system and camera to protect both lives and assets and for improved controls, monitoring and accountability.

Each bus is fitted with a unit with forward and inside facing cameras and the following are some benefits of the system:
Assist in accident investigation
Provide a valuable record for driver behaviour for training and other purposes
Real time driver feedback
Safety for all passengers and drivers

Passengers traveling on our buses can now benefit from these technological innovations when reporting any service-related query.

All our drivers have welcomed the introduction of the cameras.