Human Capital

We view education and training as a very important priority in South Africa and organisation. The development of the workers is not the direct result of the Skills Development Act or Skills Development Levies Act, but rather that each and every person should been regarded as an individual with his or her own potential and development needs. To identify the training needs in our organisation, an annual training needs analysis is done and combined with information from performance management and the mentorship programs. This information is...
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We offer our service through various depots that is strategically located to be as close to our customers as possible. [clear]

Central Park

Central Park is located in Hanger Street and is the central rendezvous point for commuters and buses in the Bloemfontein area. The main ticket selling point is also situated there with up to ten friendly cashiers serving our commuters. Peak hours are from 04h15 to 08h00, mostly due to buses arriving from Thaba Nchu and Botshabelo. In the afternoon, Central Park is also the rallying point...
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We service various commuting service routes, including the following: Thaba Nchu Zone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Station View, Mokwena, Mapetsana, Garapulana, Rooifontein, Sakanyoka, Unit 1, Selosesha, Makurung, Moroka, as well as all the rural areas around Thaba Nchu to the North as far as Bofulo and Maraisdal and South as far as Klipfontein and Woodbridge. Botshabelo Blocks / Sections – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, M, N, S, T, U, W. Mangaung Passengers are conveyed from 16 Urban areas in BFN (Freedom Square, Peter Swart,...
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