It is with great anticipation that we opened a new ticket selling point in the Arcade Walk Through in the CBD near Hoffman Square. The new shop which is located on the 1st floor, is opposite the big Beta Bets outlet which is also in this building.

As most of you know, IBL previously had a selling point in one of the retail shops where passengers could buy their tags.

We believe in service excellence and decided to move our operation from the retail shop to service our customers exclusively, and for them not to stand longer in queues. We sincerely trust that it is convenient for our passengers as we strive to improve our customer service at all times.

The operating times is from Monday to Friday 10:00 till 17:45


The Management of Interstate Bus Lines are very happy to inform everybody that bus tags are now also being sold at Aljo’s Spar on the N8 near the Airport turnoff.

The decision to start selling there was made after a few requests came through to the Company from passengers who are boarding at the Aljo’s stop to have a convenient place where they can load their tags.

A lot of passengers are serviced there and it also means that those passengers no longer have to go into town to load their tags but can do it at the nearby sales point made available for them. The operating hours for Aljo’s SPAR is daily from 09:00 till 21:00.